Each animal requires a different length of stay in foster care depending on why the animal has been placed into care in the first place. Very commonly an animal requires rehabilitation before being adopted, or the animal may be too young or not healthy enough for a required procedure. The length of stay also varies depending on how long that animal takes to find the right family. If at any stage you can no longer look after the animal you are fostering or are going away we will always take that animal back into our care.

Our foster carers are normally given the first option to adopt the animal they are fostering once it is ready for adoption unless that animal has been pre-adopted before going into care.

If your foster animal requires veterinary care, you are required to contact a S.C.A.R representative as soon as possible and depending on the problem, take the animal to our nominated veterinary clinic.

S.C.A.R is lucky enough to be sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition which means that all of our animal’s food is donated by this amazing company and our foster carers are supplied with the food needed to care for their temporary foster animals.

We regularly have animals that are in need of some extra attention and care before they are suitable for adoption. Being a foster carer is an incredibly rewarding experience for all involved, and most importantly it allows us to continue to find homes for animals that may be in need of a little extra care. The foster family is responsible for the daily care of the animal. See more information about fostering here.