We are always extremely grateful for gifts that help us look after our rescue animals.
If you would like to give a non-monetary donation, please check the list below to see our greatest needs at this point in time. 
By donating the goods on this list, you can be sure that your precious resources are assisting us to help these animals in the best possible way:
  1. Worming and flea treatments for cats and dogs
  2. Dog treats (that will be used for enrichment and training)
  3. Dog & cat toys (new or in good condition)
  4. Cat carry cages (in working order)
  5. Pheromone collars for dogs (Adaptil or Sentry collars)
  6. Feliway calming pheromones for cats (spray bottles or plug-ins)
  7. Reams of paper (for the office)
  8. Toilet paper (any brand)
  9. Laundry detergent / bleach (any brand)
Larger Items
  1. An industrial washing machine (new preferable or used in good working order)
  2. A clothes dryer (new preferable or used in good working order)