An Introduction to SCAR

Hi guys, I’m Marisa and I am the founder of Second Chance Animal Rescue. 10 years in and we have an awesome shelter facility, over 350 volunteers and a team of 7 staff that help us continue our mission in the community. Who would have thought that a small lounge room rescue (yes SCAR literally started in my lounge room) would have grown into the organisation it is today.

At the young age of 23 I was working as a vet nurse and loved what I was doing, but something just didn’t sit right with me. Every day I would witness stray animals coming into our clinic that were sent off to the pound in the hope that an owner would be found and they would be reunited. Sadly, this was not always the case and many of the animals that I met never went home. In fact, they were likely to have met a far worse fate.

So what could I do? 

I couldn’t adopt them all (I tried that and after 7 animals I quickly realised that I was either going to run out of space or get divorced pretty quickly). So I had this crazy idea that I would adopt one cat from the pound and then hand pick a wonderful new home for it… almost like a matchmaker for our four legged friends. And guess what… it worked! Not only did the cat find a wonderful home but the new owner very kindly covered what it cost me for the kitty’s medical work and then some. I ended up with an extra $80 in my pocket, which I used to save the next cat from the pound… and hey presto SCAR was born!

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows though, along the way to our new facility funding has been hard to come by and we have had to deal with some very hard welfare situations and some quite confronting cases. We have had to manage compassion fatigue and burn out on a regular basis (trying to rid the world of animal homelessness can be a pretty hard job sometimes) as well as all the other issues that non-profit organisations deal with on a regular basis.

All in all, we have survived the last 10 years and we are still standing - stronger than ever I might add. My team of animal warriors and I look forward to seeing what SCAR can achieve in the next 10 years!  

Marisa x

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