Bingo & Harry

It was evident with every call just how much she was missing them both...

It’s safe to say that most of us would do whatever it takes to keep our pets safe, happy and at home with us where they belong. And for a lot of us, life works in such a way, that providing a safe and loving home for ourselves and our pets is something we rarely have to think about. But what about those for whom home itself is anything but safe? Who are forced to leave their life behind at a moment’s notice… sometimes with no choice but to leave their beloved pets behind too?
For Michelle, this was, unfortunately, a heart-breaking choice she had to make when her home life became unsafe and she had to leave. Fleeing urgently to find safety and emergency accommodation, Michelle had no other option but to leave her two beautiful dogs, Bingo and Harry behind, as most emergency housing facilities are unable to take in pets.
Michelle contacted SCAR soon after she had found safe refuge, desperately seeking our help as she had just found out that Bingo and Harry had been found in the pound. A plan was made for SCAR to rescue her two dogs – her world - from the pound and bring them to SCAR, where they would remain in our care, as part of our Safe House 4 Pets Program, until she had found a safe, pet-friendly living arrangement for all of them.
For close to 7 weeks, sweet and friendly Bingo and Harry remained at SCAR while we worked with Michelle and several of the community services assisting her. One staff member commented - “Bingo and Harry both loved all the attention they got while they were with us and everyone at SCAR fell in love with them instantly.” We received calls regularly from Michelle, who wanted to know how her furry friends were going while she sorted things out on her end, and it was evident with every call just how much she was missing them both.
Recently Michelle and her dogs were finally reunited after she was able to secure permanent housing for the three of them and we could not be happier! We’ve been told that all three have settled in well and that Michelle was so excited to see Bingo and Harry again – and they her!
At SCAR, we will do whatever it takes to keep people and their pets together and we do it with open hearts. We believe in treating everyone who comes through our doors with compassion and without judgement. This is how we build a stronger community and create real solutions for people and their pets. If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation towards our outreach programs you can help us to ensure that best friends like Michelle, Bingo & Harry are given the best possible chance to be reunited. Together, we can remove just one of the obstacles from what is a very traumatic experience for people in need.

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