"Cadbury is just the loveliest little guy, and he continually reveals his inner bravery daily.

He enjoys all the freedoms of the world thanks to the SCAR crew.

Just one look inside his pen was all it took for Cadbury's name to make sense.

Chocolate brown fur with hints of caramel and white chocolate here and there, and the sweetest, most extraordinary face you'd ever seen.

However, if you came too close, the illusion was lost. A slow rumbling of a fearful growl. The shaky beginnings of a curled lip. Cadbury's whole body would tremble, and before you knew it, the sweet little dog from before had gone into protection mode to fend off strangers. And when all you've ever known is your owner, who has just passed - it's no wonder you keep that sweet side hidden and protected.

Cadbury was the most guarded and unsure of all the males in his family. When the family first arrived, Cadbury began resource guarding the bowls of food from the others, preventing them from eating. Finding himself so far removed from what he had always known, it seemed that Cadbury was making himself feel less vulnerable by guarding what was most valuable to him – his next meal.

Cadbury was the most guarded and unsure of all the males in his family.

The most impressive eyebrows...

Over the next few days, Liam worked with Cadbury to build his confidence. First, Liam would throw treats to Cadbury, who was quite content to accept them from the ground, but never Liam's outstretched hand. Then, Cadbury would slowly get closer until he was creeping in for a cheeky sniff! Easily startled, it was a long process for Cadbury, as all it would take was a slight movement, and Cadbury would go scampering off in the opposite direction. And so, the process would begin again.

Still, like with all our fearful dogs, we will never give up on them, showing them time and time again what they are capable of without pushing them too far past their comfort zone. Cadbury's confidence grew with every sniff and every touch as he realised that Liam would only sit quietly, accept him on his terms and reward him for any progress he made.

With his resource guarding also under control, it was finally time for Cadbury to take the next step and head off to his foster home with Lauren. Over the next month, Lauren provided Cadbury with lots of love and patience and continued his training, showing this little dog a world he'd never known! From the little dog that growled on approach – Cadbury was finally starting to live up to the sweetness of his name!

Cadbury and Lauren

"Cadbury LOVES a cuddle, and he is my constant shadow. He still has no idea how to be a dog, but he loves the attention and is an absolute snuggle bug," said Lauren.

Lauren's main hurdle with Cadbury was taking him for a walk, as all seven dogs had never worn a collar or been walked on a lead. So, when Lauren popped a collar on Cadbury for the first time, he was bewildered, and it would be weeks before he was ready to walk on a lead outside!

Cadbury found himself walking slowly but surely, beginning with short walks around the backyard and then venturing into a quiet street. On a lead!

It was another colossal breakthrough, and when you're in such a state of trauma, every new action, every step in the right direction, every minor milestone is a major victory.

The day of Cadbury's adoption came. Ross arrived with a heart full of excitement and a backpack containing a friend for Cadbury. Archie, Ross' harness-trained cat, stood by quietly waiting, and we all wondered what Cadbury's reaction would be.

To the entire room's surprise and complete delight, Cadbury approached Archie and wagged his tail. Then, like chocolate, he melted, and the two greeted each other like long-lost friends.

Cadbury meets Ross and Archie for the first time

Archie and Cadbury hit it off straight away!

Totally inseparable...

These two are like long-lost besties!

"Archie and Cadbury bonded immediately and are such best little buddies!" Says Mark. "Cadbury loves playing with all of Archie's toys, and they do zoomies around the place every morning.

Cadbury is just the loveliest little guy, and he continually reveals his inner bravery daily. He enjoys all the freedoms of the world thanks to the SCAR crew.

And Cadbury does enjoy all the freedoms of the big, wide world!

Gone is the little dog, afraid he might not see his next meal. Gone is the fearful soul telling the world to back off with his tiny growl. Gone is the Cadbury, whose existence was confined to a backyard and a quiet street.

In his place is a Cadbury who walks confidently on his harness and leash. He is the kind of dog whose favourite place to snooze is by a window overlooking a busy city street below.

Who goes on long hikes, explores rock pools on the beach and goes SKATEBOARDING with Ross without a care in the world!

Ross calls Cadbury his "brave lil' buddy." We call him Extraordinary.

Just two best friends at the beach

Paws up if Cadbury is officially cooler than you? HE IS SKATEBOARDING!

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