His once grizzly and rough fur tamed, you could now see Jetstar's curious

lopsided ears and the sweet grey around his muzzle.

This horror movie star had just turned into a salt and pepper stud!

If Jetstar were four times his size, he would have looked pretty scary when he first came in.

With overgrown claws and fur so matted, he was like a tiny version of every movie werewolf you've ever seen at Halloween. The only difference was that when you looked into Jetstar's eyes, instead of seeing glowing anger staring back at you, you were met with a timid but trusting little soul.

Our Senior Dog Trainer, Liam, spent Jetstar's first few days in our care, gaining that trust. At first, Jetstar would avoid Liam, preferring the familiarity of our female animal attendants. But gradually, with positive reinforcements and lots of patience, Jetstar realised that Liam was no threat and began to relax.

With Jetstar finally starting to feel more comfortable around our team, we were finally able to give him a much-needed groom, unveiling the handsome boy that was hidden underneath his dishevelled coat. His once grizzly and rough fur tamed, you could now see Jetstar's curious lopsided ears and the sweet grey around his muzzle. This horror movie star had just turned into a salt and pepper stud!

Jetstar, the mini Werewolf!

The salt and pepper stud himself!

Just look at this handsome little guy out here, feelin' himself!

Next, it was on to Jetstar's medical needs. Like the rest of his family, you could smell the terrible dental disease the moment he opened his mouth. Both his hind dew claws had previously been caught on something and torn. So, on the same day as his desexing, while Jetstar was under his general anaesthetic, our team also performed multiple tooth extractions and surgically removed his dew claws.

His recovery would start to take place in wonderful hands that very night. Foster carer Shauna and her dog, Luna (previously adopted from SCAR), are our Doggy Rehabilitation Dream Team. Together they made sure that Jetstar was comfortable and relaxed and never alone.

Within days, it was evident that Jetstar loved having a doggy best friend in his home. From the moment he met Luna, Jetstar lit up inside. It was so different from when he'd been around his siblings or any dog he'd met at the shelter. Where previously he'd pretended like other dogs were invisible, Luna brought out a side of Jetstar that wanted to play and have fun… and get up to mischief!


"We weren't doing ANYTHING!"

TOTALLY innocent!

So, when Julie contacted us looking for a friend for her dog, Panda, we knew Jetstar would make the perfect brother and best friend! No sooner than Julie returned home with both dogs, she was on the phone with Karen in reception, excitedly telling her how Jetstar and Panda were already exploring the house and garden together.

Julie says, "Panda and his new brother Jetstar are so good together!

Jet has settled in super well, and Panda is always happily watching his moves - it's so cute!"

Life for this tiny werewolf turned silver fox has now come full circle.

He's gone from big brother to six little dogs, to living his best life with his brother from another mother, Panda! He's never without his big, happy grin, and his new brother is never out of sight. Jetstar is so loved, and we are so delighted that those big, trusting eyes gave us a chance to help find this little boy his happy place.

New Besties for life!

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