Our entire team is dedicated to helping each animal find their feet, and if that means having
a temporary house guest who also accompanies them to work each day, then so be it!
This is the story of one of our vets, Dr Kylee, and Moon, the cat who stole her heart…

When Moon opened his eyes and found himself in the SCAR Community Animal Hospital, his whole world had changed. He’d been brought to our shelter by a kind stranger who had found him badly injured and lying in the street after having been hit by a car. His injuries were severe - his tiny pelvis was fractured in 3 places, his tibia and fibula were broken in one of his hind legs, and the other hind leg had sustained such devastating damage to the knee and ankle that Dr. Kylee suspected it would need to be amputated.

With a long journey of recovery ahead of him, Moon’s spirit was shattered, and he spent a long while just lying in his enclosure, silent and unresponsive to those around him. It became apparent that little Moon was going to need a very special foster home that could tend to all his medical needs as well as give him a reason to fight. Dr. Kylee offered up her home to monitor Moon and see if she and her family could provide this special boy with all the love and comfort he needed.

In Dr. Kylee’s home, little Moon was restricted to a crate as both his back legs had been placed in splints. Dr. Kylee’s daughter Sarah wasted no time in ensuring that Moon was never alone and during the 6 weeks before his splints were removed, she spent each day by his side, in the evenings doing her homework beside him or reading him a book. Kylee’s cat Chirpy, who was rescued by SCAR as well, also played his part in Moon’s recovery, by curling up beside him, keeping him well-groomed and encouraging him to play.

More tests on Moon’s injured knee and ankle, would reveal that Dr. Kylee’s prediction was accurate. Moon’s leg was beyond saving and would need to be amputated. Dr. Kylee came in on her day off to perform the surgery so that little Moon would have a familiar face to wake up to when his world, once again, transformed.

Over the next few weeks, as Moon recovered, Dr. Kylee realised that saying goodbye to this little one was not going to happen. He’d come so far from the shutdown little kitty she’d nursed back to life, and Dr. Kylee wasted no time in adopting him permanently. A few months later, Kylee would welcome another cat from SCAR into her family. Nugget had also been hit by a car, and she too would need her leg amputated. This time it was Moon who provided the TLC and helped Nugget to heal from her wounds and together with Chirpy, these three rescue cats have grown into a little trio who are so very loved by Dr. Kylee and her family.

Over the last 17 months, Moon has only continued to thrive in his loving home.

“Moon is absolutely amazing.” Says Dr. Kylee. “Despite enduring so much pain and so many medical procedures – it was all worth it. He’s grown into such a cool little cat! He and Nugget are nearly always together, snuggling, playing, and hanging out in the outdoor cat run. Moon never lets his injury slow him down and has no issues jumping up to explore. And at the end of every day, he jumps up onto my bed, curls up beside me and falls asleep. Moon is the smoochiest, loveliest little guy, and I am so glad that we fought for him because now we get to watch him live an amazing life surrounded by love.”


Being there for Moon when he needed us most. Going the extra mile to ensure he had the best chance of recovery. Seeing his wonderful transformation into a big, sweet fluff ball who is able to provide comfort and understanding to another cat just like him. THIS is what we do at SCAR. And every second is worth it for happy home tails like Moon’s.

There will always be animals like Moon who need our help. With your support, we will always be there to fight for them.

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