"We wouldn't change a thing about this smart & clever girl"...

Prior to finding herself here at SCAR, Nova, the 1-year-old Australian Cattledog x Staffy, had been raised on a rural property where she loved to run and play.

Happy, bright, and endlessly inquisitive, Nova wanted to explore everything. However, her curiosity eventually became too much for her owners when her constant investigations underneath the many machines and vehicles on the property became a safety hazard.

Nova's owners had a decision to make, as their busy property was just not the best option for Nova and what she needed in a home... Ultimately, they decided to surrender Nova to their local pound, and once in the care of the staff there... a special search began.

Nova would need the help of a rescue group, who would be able to assist her with learning new skills - she only knew how to Sit and play fetch. She would also need someone to dedicate time to teaching her a specific way to learn these skills. One that was unique to her.... We were only too happy to help.

So what makes Nova so unique?

When you meet her for the first time, you instantly fall in love with her. She is pure, wholesome, joy wrapped up in a pair of big brown eyes, soft freckly fur and a big goofy smile. Our entire team, from staff to volunteers, were enamoured with Nova's gentle, loving nature and her eagerness to learn, and to love. But you see, Nova is also completely deaf.

Since birth, Nova hasn't responded to any auditory stimuli at all and has simply lived her live in silence. It explains her curiosity for the world around her. Her eagerness to explore a world void of sound and to understand how and why and what things are. It also explains why her previous home was so dangerous for her.

For Nova, learning new things is a different experience from other dogs, as she cannot simply hear a command and learn what it means. For our team, it was a matter of teaching Nova a series of visual commands via sign language! And, this intelligent girl, when given a chance, picked up on every visual command she was shown very quickly! In our care, Nova learned many new things in this way – our favourite being thumbs up for good girl – which, of course, Nova loved seeing and saw A LOT from our team!

Despite her lack of hearing and all she'd been through, this sweet girl was utterly fearless.

In her isolated world of silence, she would look up at all who approached her with her best lopsided, toothy grin. Her butt would get the wiggles as her tail wagged enthusiastically - as if she were greeting you as an old friend, and not just as a stranger for the first time.

Nova just had a way of sensing the best in people.

And so, when Eb and Dean came in to meet her, and Nova gave them her best butt-wiggling dance and all the kisses, we knew she'd found the best family for her.

It's been months since Nova won their hearts now, and Eb says,

"Nova's doing really well! She's just beautiful - such a gentle dog.

We are very lucky she's chosen us!"

Ebony has been teaching Nova more hand signals to help her and Dean communicate with her, including a special signal for her name, and Nova learns more and more each day. Her most recent accomplishment was learning how to "beg" but according to Eb, Nova always loves showing off with her perfect sit and shake.

Life, for Nova now, is spent exploring and playing in a home full of love. She runs along beaches and attacks the waves with a joy that only a dog can find. She suns her self on the deck in her home and has endless toys to fuel her curiosity.

But each day ends with Nova cuddled up beside Eb and Dean, safe and loved between her people.

"Having a fur baby whose deaf presents its challenges, but we wouldn't change a thing about this smart & clever girl!

She's a very sweet dog, so she makes it easy!

We are so glad you're part of our family, Nova."

We are thrilled that Nova has found herself a family who adores her for who she is!

Who are willing to work so hard to make Nova's life easier and help strengthen their bond with her by finding ways to communicate with her.

Such a special family!

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