Another close call for Pancake...

After Pancake’s last emergency operation where we removed her terribly infected uterus, we hoped that would be the last time that our sweet mum of 6 would head into surgery. However, this brave cat found herself back at SCAR once more in mid-October when her health took a serious decline once again.

After receiving a concerned message from Pancake’s Foster Carer (FC), Marisa was immediately worried. Her temperature had spiked to 41°C and the painful rash and mastitis that Pancake had developed only a few days prior had become so terribly infected. So much so, that when Pancake’s FC had walked in to feed the little family, she found not only Pancake but all 6 kittens completely covered in the discharge from Pancake’s wound.

Pancake was brought down to the SCAR Community Animal Hospital immediately where she was met by Marisa and Dr Kylee, who had come in where they performed an emergency mastectomy to remove the infected breast tissue. A drain was inserted to stop fluid collecting under the surgery site and prevent further infection.

It was a long and worrying procedure, but Pancake, our little trooper, made it through and spent the rest of that weekend at Marisa’s house in intensive care, for the second weekend in a row!

Pancake remained in Marisa’s care over the next few weeks where we continued to keep a close eye on her, monitoring her vitals to ensure that she didn’t require further surgery. Her temperature dropped down again, and she started eating and taking her medication without any fuss.

Despite all that has been thrown at her, Pancake just kept fighting!

To aid in her recovery, we decided it would be best for Pancake to split her litter in 2 and give her the best chance of healing over the next week or so. Therefore, Pancake’s bigger and stronger bubs stayed with their fantastic FC to be bottle-fed, while the 3 smaller kittens remained with Pancake. However, eventually all 6 kittens were placed into FC to allow this poor mum the best chance to rest, heal and recover.

When we first rescued Pancake, we honestly thought the hardest thing this 1-year-old cat would have faced would be the birth of her 6 kittens at such a young age. But sadly, as you have seen, over only the last four weeks, this sweet cat has encountered so many serious medical conditions – from a nasty uterine infection, extremely painful mastitis, a painful skin irritation in the same area and also finding out that she has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). Now, this mother of 6 who is barely an adult herself, has undergone not only one emergency surgery but two!

After two weeks of recovery following her second emergency surgery, Pancake seems to be finally on the mend!  She has had her stitches removed and has been reunited with all 6 of her kittens who are all thriving and doing well - thanks to their dedicated foster carer! Her babies are now being weaned on to solid food and if all goes to plan, they will be desexed in a few weeks and will be ready to start looking for their new homes very soon!

We really hope that this will be the last of Pancake’s medical problems for a while and that she too, can head off to find her loving home where she can rest and relax as she deserves after having been through so much! 

Thank you to everyone who has supported our brave little battler, Pancake so far by donating towards her care! Every cent has gone towards making sure she and her babies are well taken care of. If you would like to donate towards the care of this little family, please click the link below. 

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Pancake's story is the perfect example of the importance of desexing your pets... if Pancake was desexed in the first place she would not have had to suffer through this ordeal. To book your pet in for desexing, contact our Vet Clinic today or read more about our Cat Desexing Program.