How do you convince a dog so sensitive to everything, who paces frantically, and compulsively when stressed, that she's okay? That she's safe? When you think everything in the world is a threat, how can you possibly know peace?

Tiny, reserved, and a very good hider - it was easy to lose Peanut amongst her siblings.

If it weren't for her more petite frame and shorter fur, she would be an almost identical replica of Jetstar. However, despite Peanut's desire to blend in with the crowd and disappear, our team was determined to get to know this little girl and find out all we could about her.

Our animal attendant, Sarah, brought Peanut out on her own into the quiet of our education room. Whereas her siblings had all warily accepted treats when thrown across the floor to them, it would be five minutes before Peanut was comfortable enough even to sniff one of the thrown treats, let alone eat it.

Having never known anything outside of her last house and backyard, Peanut was frightened of the world and startled VERY easily.

A rolling ball. The squeak of someone's shoe.

How do you convince a dog so sensitive to everything, who paces frantically, and compulsively when stressed, that she's okay? That she's safe?

When you think everything in the world is a threat, how can you possibly know peace?

A tiny, wary, replica of Jetstar

Like her brother, Cadbury, Peanut's rehabilitation was spent with Sarah and Liam as they worked to gain her trust and build her confidence. Their sessions continued when she was comfortable enough around Liam to be alone with him. Soon, Liam was happy for this little girl to continue her training in foster care, where they could continue to observe her behaviour in a home setting.

Loraine thought Peanut was just a "big sweetie" as soon as she met her. And Peanut? She was delighted to find herself away from the shelter environment in a space she felt more familiar with.

A house. Windows she could stretch out in front of and snooze in the sun.

And with time, a comforting lap to crawl into and feel safe.

That's not to say that Peanut was instantly cured overnight - she was still our shy little wallflower, desperately trying to blend in and remain unnoticed. But slowly, more of her personality was beginning to show.

Peanut, doing her best to blend into the couch

Unlike her siblings, Peanut's transformation was obvious in the small, subtle things she began to do differently. Like how she went from refusing treats to enthusiastically accepting ice cubes on a hot day and begging for more.

One day, Loraine noticed that Peanut had stopped sleeping in the tightly wound-up ball, tucked into the side of her bed or the arm of a couch. Instead, Lorraine would find her sprawled out, her belly exposed and her legs pointing in every direction, snoring her tiny head off

"Peanut is one of the sweetest dogs we've had the pleasure to foster." Says Lorraine. "She learnt so many new things with us - how to eat dry food, go for walks on lead and eventually became so much more confident in her own little way."

Taking baby steps outside and getting used to her lead

Making incredible strides every day!

The most regal and content little fluff!

When it was time for Loraine and Peanut to part ways, it was sad for both of them, but it was time.

The day Bonnie got the call to say that Peanut would be coming home with her, she was in the hospital herself about to have surgery. A week later, Peanut was by her side, the two of them recovering together, keeping each other warm and safe. Bonnie instantly adored Peanut. And despite her initial shyness, Peanut has settled into her new home.

"Thank you for choosing me to provide Peanut a home." Says Bonnie. "She is a delightful companion, and I love watching her become more comfortable and playful as time goes on."

From the reserved little girl who was only interested in hiding away amongst the crowd, little Peanut is now very happy to stand out. She goes nearly everywhere Bonnie goes, from riding shotgun in the car to cruising along the Murray in a boat to just being content to snuggle into Bonnie's side on the couch.

No longer the shy wallflower, Peanut has finally bloomed, and this is why we do what we do.

Getting those feet dirty!

Always riding shotgun

This is the dog that was startled by a rolling ball. On a speed boat...

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