... We've been able to experience Rocky's transformation from elderly & suffering, into the playful dog, bursting with life & personality that he was always meant to be...

We love nothing more than hearing from those who have added a four-legged friend from SCAR to their families. Hearing stories of how they've changed their family's lives and knowing that these animals, who have come to us in need, have left to find themselves safe, doted on and surrounded by love. This is the remarkable story of Rocky, the 12-year-old Poodle, and how receiving his regular updates warm our hearts.

Some of you might remember Rocky from a post we made a year ago today, introducing him and his sister-from-another-mister, Zoot. When the elderly owner of these two adorable dogs sadly passed away, Rocky and Zoot ended up at SCAR. Unfortunately, while Zoot was in good health and loved to play and snuggle, poor little Rocky had a lot going on. This little happy-go-lucky senior suffered from several medical conditions, such as Chronic Bronchitis and painful Glaucoma in his right eye, which resulted in surgery to remove the eye.

Initially, we tried to find a home that would take in both dogs together; however, the more we learned about these two cuties, the more we realised they actually preferred to be WITHOUT each other's company. Once placed in separate foster homes, we learned more about each dog and what they needed in their future homes. Strangely (and wonderfully!) enough, what each dog needed, they already had in the arms of their foster carers!

Shirley-Ann had been fostering Zoot, now Lacey, for less than a month before she realised the little dog was a "perfect fit" for her home. "She has just been an absolute joy for me. She loves cuddles and food in that order, and she's so eager to please. Thank you, SCAR for helping us find such a lovely girl."

For Marg, it took only 13 days of fostering Rocky to realise that her little one-eyed companion was the one for her. "Although he's older and has his health issues, Rocky has so much energy! He's always up for a play, and he loves going for walks and playing fetch. He also enjoys having his ears and neck massaged. He would stay on your lap the whole day if you just kept massaging him!"

The two have kept in touch with our team since Marg brought Rocky home, and their updates never fail to bring a smile to our faces! For you see, each short little missive comes signed from Rocky himself, explaining what he and Marg have been up to, what new things he has experienced and all the adventures he's been on. We've been able to experience Rocky's transformation from elderly and suffering into the playful dog, bursting with life and personality he was always meant to be! And it's clear to see just how much love and joy this miniature Poodle with all his quirks has brought to Marg's life.

So, we've included our favourites of these 'letters' below, just for fun, so we can share the magic with you all!

Here at SCAR, we are so proud to give the animals that come into our care the opportunity to find a loving home with a family who will adore them and understand them, care for them, and make them a part of their whole world. We are so happy that Rocky & Lacey found this happiness with their loving families!

We hope you enjoy these Tails from Rocky & Marg as much as we do!

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