It has been a joy & a privilege to watch Stevie open up & start showing her true personality.

When Stella, her partner and their 18-month-old Kelpie, Hendrix, came in to meet a 4-month-old, Shephard, (previously known as Stormi) – it was love at first sight! This playful pup, bursting with enthusiasm, full of curiosity and lots of love to give just blew the family away and Stella and her family welcomed her into their family eagerly. Now known as Stevie, we are happy to report that this little cutie and her new family are getting along VERY well:

“It has been a joy and a privilege to watch Stevie open up and start showing her true personality." Says, Stella. "And what a personality it is! Her enthusiasm for new experiences and discovery is amazing to watch. The way she throws herself into training is hilarious. I’ve never seen a puppy launch herself into “place” quite like Stevie does, galloping across the house and leaping a good 20cm into the air before crash landing on her bed! Anything for a treat!

The family have spent a lot of time working on Stevie's mouthing and "She is just a champ at it now. I haven’t felt her teeth in the last week and all our scars have healed nicely thanks for asking haha. I’m actually a bit shocked at how quickly she got it because she was an absolute piranha when she arrived! We haven’t lost a single shoe or personal possession if you can believe it, although a few pot plants needed repositioning. She’s incredibly smart and eager to please.

“Our existing dog (18 months old) and Stevie have come to an understanding and every day their interactions get smoother. Hendrix is calm and patient with her and she follows him around and watches him closely.

She eats like a velociraptor. She loves chasing ice cubes across the floor and has tasted and enjoyed blueberries, watermelon, apple, and strawberries. She’s a huge fan of dog yogurt!

“It’s very clear that she has been loved and well cared for by all the people who have been in her life. She is just so loving and trusting, and nothing makes her happier than pleasing you or completing a task. We are just so glad to have her in our lives and we cannot thank her previous owners and foster carers enough for the amazing start they have given her. Karen and Liam and all the lovelies at SCAR who’ve helped her on her way – you’re amazing.

Thank you so much for this AMAZING update, Stella! We are so glad that it’s going so well with little Stevie, and we wish you all the best with your little Velociraptor!

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