The Pomchi’s

Huddled all together in their pens, they shivered and shook with fear.

The warm blankets and toys provided brought no comfort for now, as they took in their strange new surroundings and tried to understand what was happening. Why were they here?

Can you imagine it?

The one person you've ever known, ever relied on to keep you safe. You don't know that they've been fighting a long-term medical battle. You don't know how much time is left. All you know is that one day they're suddenly not there. There's a devastating confusion as you're taken somewhere unknown. All you want is to be held, but you're too scared to let anyone close…

There were seven of them. Scarlett and her six children from two litters - Cadbury and Jetstar, the oldest from her first litter, and Theodore, Peanut, Xena and Storm were her youngest from her second litter. Together they made seven very scared, very shut down Pomeranian x Chihuahuas. All with a long journey ahead of each of them…

The PomChi Family

These were all taken either within the first few hours or days of arriving in our care.

From Left to Right: Theodore*, Cadbury, Jetstar, Xena, Scarlett, Strom & Peanut

Due to the decline in their owner's health, each dog had received minimal social integration to help them be less fearful of the world around them. And the world, until now, had been relatively small. Each of them had rarely seen outside their backyard, let alone gone for a walk on a lead.

To give these poor, sweet dogs the second chance they deserved, there would be a lot of healing involved - and not just the emotional kind. On their first day, all would be microchipped and vaccinated for the first time and receive the first flea and worming treatment they'd had in years.

Then, one by one, all but Scarlett (who had already had the procedure before coming to SCAR) would be desexed. On top of this, each dog had their own extensive list of medical and behavioural needs and would need lots of rehabilitation to help them get through their trauma.

Jetstar Relaxing After Surgery

When our community of loyal SCAR supporters read our initial story of this little family and all they'd been through, they were moved. They came together to help us, and thanks to their assistance, we now had the funds required for this little family's medical and behavioural rehab to begin.

As our team began grooming, training, and performing their required medical procedures, we began to get to know each dog. We realised that this little family coped much better when they were separated.

So, we decided it was time for this little family unit, who had never been split, to finally part ways and head off to their foster homes individually. We just knew that given a chance to face this next hurdle on their own, each dog would not only take the last steps needed to come out of their shells fully, but they would also thrive…

Every day, animals just like this little family come through our doors at SCAR.

Suffering from the long term-effects of trauma, these animals need urgent assistance.

You can help us ensure that each step of their journey is one guided by love where all their medical, behavioural and daily care needs are taken care of.


With your help, we can transform the lives of animals’ like these 7 little PomChi's today.

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