"Tilly is such a beautiful, amazing addition to our family!"

This adorable 7-year-old Staffy came into our care in September 2021, and from the moment she first plonked herself in one of our team member's laps on that very first day, we knew - this dog was an absolute sweetheart who just wanted to be loved by everyone she met.

With her gentle soul, big dreamy, brown eyes and affectionate nature, we didn't think Miss Tilly would be with us in the shelter for very long. How could anyone not swoon over her? In fact, within days of our first post introducing her to our supporters on Facebook, Tilly had already captured the attention of a potential adopter and was busy visualising how she would go about showing them all her favourite toys and how to play with them.

When the day of her adoption meet came around, our happy girl was enjoying her morning zoomies in the backyard of her foster home like she always did. All of a sudden, her foster carer heard ear-piercing yelps of pain, and when she raced outside, she found Tilly limping terribly, unable to put any pressure on her back leg.

Poor Tilly was rushed to the SCAR Community Animal Hospital, where our team discovered that she had ruptured her cruciate ligament, which controls the back and forth motion of the knee. Tilly was going to need specialist TPLO orthopedic surgery to repair the rupture in her leg, which would cost roughly $2,500. Just before Christmas!

Christmas time is a hectic time for any animal shelter, and we had a lot of animals in our care that required expensive medical care. So, to help us get Tilly back up on her feet, we reached out to our incredible network of supporters to see if they could lend a hand. Within hours, YOU had taken care of more than half of the costs of her surgery, and we are so incredibly thankful for this beautiful display of generosity and love for little Tilly!

Over the next month, Tilly spent her days snuggled up on a blanket in her foster home, recovering on a cocktail of pain relief and anti-inflammatories to keep her pain-free. She also dropped into our clinic, to see Dr. Karmen for some laser therapy on her leg to promote healing and reduce inflammation and swelling. It wouldn't be long before our gorgeous girl would be up and about, demanding to be loved, her happy tail making her entire body wiggle all over the place!

Finally, when the new year rolled in, so too did a loving family, just desperate to meet Tilly and take her home with them! Shane and his wife, Patricia, adopted Tilly in mid-January and Tilly has already settled into her new home very well. She loves having her new family all to herself, heading off for walks and playing with all her new toys. "We're still figuring out her quirks....like the 1am and 3am 'pee-pee wake-ups', but she's such a beautiful and amazing addition into our family." Says Shane.

Our team could not be happier for our beautiful Tilly. Receptionist, Karen, sums up our feelings perfectly:

"What a sweet soul Tilly is! Good luck, beautiful girl! I love them all, but I had a special spot for Tilly. I'm so glad she has found her home and the loving family she's been waiting for. She deserves it after all she's been through!" 

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