1-on-1 Dog Training


Let's face it, sometimes it can be hard to attend obedience and training classes due to lack of time... we all have very busy lives!

So this is where our team can help! Let our experienced dog trainers help with your dog's specific behavioural problem/training needs with a personalised one-on-one training consultation.

Some of the common issues we can work with include:

- symptoms of separation anxiety,

- excessive barking,

- digging,

- house-training,

- leash reactivity,

- over-excitement,

- pulling on lead and more.

For more information you can email our training team at trainer@secondchanceanimalrescue.com.au or call the team directly at (03) 9357 0834 (option 3).

Bulk training session packages are available too.

Book your pet's 1-on-1 training session here: