Teenage Dog Academy

A course dedicated to helping dog owners during a tricky developmental stage known as Adolescence!

This program is aimed to develop your pup into a well-mannered and confident happy dog!

A completely positive training course only to ensure a fear free learning experience.

This course is interactive and has some great tips and tricks for dog owners to set you up for success!

Not necessarily a “trick” class but more a class that caters to specific behaviours you will see with your pup and how to combat these.

Continue your pups socialisation in a more controlled environment.

1 hour classes – 4 week course – for ages 4-10 months of age – Max 6 per class $160

Puppies spots are subject to phone screening before booking to ensure a safe learning environment for all pups involved.

Some of the skills your dog will learn in this course are;

  • Introduction to clicker training
  • Connection and focus under distraction
  • Appropriate introductions to other dogs
  • Appropriate greeting of people
  • The importance of enrichment
  • Loose lead walking and appropriate walking equipment
  • Reading your dog's body language
  • Basic behaviour concerns and solutions
  • Q & A session and Graduation Certificate

For more information on these sessions please email Alyce at trainer@secondchanceanimalrescue.com.au