August in Review

August has been a great month full of adoptions, rescues, grant writing, fundraising, radio interviews and outreach services… like most months we literally have not stopped living and breathing all things SCAR!

The Pick My Project grant that we have been shortlisted for is in full swing too – if we were to be so lucky as to win this $200,000 grant it would mean that our Community Animal Hospital will open a lot sooner than the originally anticipated 2 year timeframe! What an amazing thing this would be… we are trying hard not to get too excited about the prospect of winning this because the competition is high with others in the running, but we will be aiming high and doing our best to get all the votes we possibly can to be in the running for the prize. So PLEASE vote and get your friends to as well! Help us win this!!

On an event note, our annual High Tea Fundraiser was held on the 26th August and we successfully raised a whopping $6620.50 thanks to some amazingly generous supporters, these funds have been added to the fundraising tally for our Community Animal Hospital Project! Thanks to everyone that attended this wonderful event and dug deep, it meant the world to all of us.

Thanks once again to all of our wonderful supporters that continue to help us continue our rescue and rehoming work via regular donations, volunteering their time or spreading the word about SCAR and the work we do.

Adoptions: 99

Intakes: 87