Kitten Kinder

Kitten Kindergarten is an early socialisation, training, and education program for young kittens. The sessions focus on better integrating your kitten into your family, teaching your kitten how to be a well-behaved cat, and instructing owners on normal kitten and cat behaviour, as well as how to recognize and prevent common behaviour and health problems.

Classes for kittens 8-18 weeks of age (and their people)! Kittens must be up-to-date with their vaccinations.

What you will learn:
• Early Social Skills
• Learn cat body language and how your cat communicates
• Toilet training
• Identifying and managing behavioural problems
• Learn how to make your cat’s home stimulating and stress-free
• Tricks training (Sit, High 5 and Spin)

Please book your space and come along with your feline friend!

Each of the 3 sessions runs for 60 minutes and the cost of the course is $70, your kitten will be awarded with a graduation certificate at successful completion of this course too!

Places are limited, and bookings are essential. For more information or to book please email or call our shelter on 03) 9357 0834.