Goodwill wine

Want to enjoy great wine while helping animals?

We have an amazing offer thanks to Goodwill Wine! Owner and founder of Goodwill Wines, David Laity is showing enormous support for animals by giving Second Chance Animal Rescue half of the proceeds of selected wines. David suffered great loss during the Victorian bushfires of Black Saturday, and was humbled by the donations and support from the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal along with the generosity of the Australian public. He created Goodwill Wines to 'pay forward' that generosity by finding the best wine around and giving half the profits to his customers' favourite charities. If quality boutique wine is something you enjoy then you're in for a rare treat! Sourced from the best independent wineries Australia-wide, Goodwill Wine prides itself on pairing an amazing experience with an ethical approach.

So pick your favourite! Click here to treat yourself and the animals by purchasing from the Second Chance Animal Rescue / Goodwill Wines selection. All money raised will go toward making the world a more caring place for animals.