Sponsor a shelter pet

Sponsor a needy shelter animal

When you sponsor an animal in need at Second Chance Animal Rescue, you help that animal in ways that can’t even be counted. With so many animals currently being cared for at the shelter, you’ll be sure to find the perfect match for everyone on your list. With your gift of $25 or more, you can send a special e-card or a printable card that lets your loved one know there’s a very lucky animal who’s awfully grateful.

Animals that need you

Click here for cuddly canines and fabulous felines that are waiting for a sponsor.

How Your Sponsorship Helps Our Animals:

You can sponsor any of our special needs pets in our shelter, a special place that is a home between homes for countless animals on any given day. Pets here stay as long as the need is there; receiving plenty of love, companionship and all the care they need until they find loving families of their own.

Animal sponsorship helps animals find loving homes, provides low- and no-cost desexing programs, supports public education efforts in the community that save the lives of pets ― and more.

Your pet sponsorship gift will help to support the work of Second Chance Animal Rescue and really save lives! To assist the greatest number of animals in need, and to make sure your gift does the most good, your donation will be used in combination with other sponsorship gifts to help save the lives of animals.

Have a question? Read the Sponsorship FAQ below for more information.

Shelter animal sponsorship FAQs

We are so happy that you are considering sponsoring an animal at Second Chance Animal Rescue. There are always
dogs and cats that are in need of extra assistance and your compassion means so much to our homeless pets. Below
are some answers to frequently asked questions about sponsorship gifts.

What is a sponsorship gift??

A sponsorship gift is a one-off gift made in honour of an animal at Second Chance Animal Rescue. You can sponsor an animal in your own name, or as a gift for someone else. You can also make an ongoing monthly gift via our Guardian Angel Monthly Giving program.

What does my sponsorship go toward?

Sponsorship gifts support the work of Second Chance Animal Rescue and help save the animals in our care. Every year hundreds of thousands of animals are abandoned in pounds across Australia, facing the very real risk of being put down... but together we are changing that. Your gift assists us in helping animals to find their forever homes, receive medical care and desexes pets to avoid the cycle of animal homeless continuing. In order to make sure that your gift has the greatest impact and helps save the maximum number of lives, its use will not be restricted to the individual care of your sponsored animal, but wherever it is needed most to help save lives.

Which animals can I sponsor?

Visit our featured sponsored animals to meet our extra special animals in need of sponsorship.

Can I have a card sent to my gift recipient?

E-cards and printable cards are available online when you make a sponsorship gift.

I want an update about my animal. Is that possible?

Because our caregivers are very busy coordinating foster care animals and providing daily care and enrichment for the sometimes up to 300+ animals that are in our care on any given day, they are not able to provide updates-on-demand for sponsored animals. However, you can stay in touch with all that’s going on at the shelter by visiting SCAR’s website and Facebook page.

Can I help my sponsorship animal get adopted?

Yes! Sharing your animal’s story and helping him or her find a home is one of the best things you can do for your sponsored pet. Sharing their profile on social media is a great idea!

Can I make a monthly sponsorship gift?

Sponsorship gifts are one-time gifts only. If you’d like to help the animals year-round, become a Guardian Angel and sign up for monthly giving.

If my sponsorship animal is adopted, can I get updates?

The new adopter may want privacy after adopting a pet. However, we do occasionally get their permission to share their stories in our newsletter, website, or on social media (Facebook and Instagram), so be sure to check!