Keeping your cat warm in winter

Cats really don’t like the cold temperatures in winter months so we need to do our best to help keep them warm.The following are some tips for keeping your cat warm, safe and happy during the colder winter months.


  • Keep your cat inside if possible. If they are an outdoor cat make sure that you provide them with a warm bed in a sheltered area.
  • Your cat’s bed should be located in a warm, draft free place and if possible of the floor. A nice cosy bed is best or a soft blanket inside their bed is nice for them.
  • Groom your cat’s coat on a regular basis as matted fur is not the best insulation from the cold.
  • Give your cat a heat pack to snuggle up to or lie on.
  • Please be mindful that elderly cats often feel the cold more.
  • Cats like to get close to heat sources like heaters and blankets. Be sure to keep them away from open fires by securely fencing/blocking the area off.

Also be aware that cold weather can often aggravate joint conditions like arthritis. If your cat appears to be showing signs of pain, joint discomfort or arthritis please take them to your veterinarian for a check-up.