March / April Update

March has come and gone but what a great month it was for SCAR!

Our small shelter veterinary clinic ran 4 discounted desexing days throughout the month and were able to desex 30 cats and offer discounted veterinary care to those that needed it most in our community. As much as rescuing and rehoming animals is a big part of the work that we do at SCAR our ultimate mission is to stop animals needing to be rescued in the first place and programs like these are a great way to go about it. Our discounted desexing days are just one way that we can proactively work to reduce pet abandonment as unplanned pet pregnancies and unwanted litters are common reasons that animals are surrendered on a daily basis in Australia.

Our volunteers have been out and about with our rescue animals over the last few weeks, visiting workplaces, retirement villages and schools via our Paws At Work program. This program not only helps us spread awareness about the work we do at SCAR but also brings a lot of happiness to the people we visit and allows our animals some time out of the shelter. Studies have shown that time spent with animals can help to significantly reduce stress and has many other positive physical and mental benefits (of course we all knew that).. so we are really excited about getting the community involved with this program! To book in an animal visit to your workplace please visit the Paws At Work tab on our website.

The plans for our Community Animal Hospital are coming along nicely too, we are still about a month off from hopefully receiving the go ahead via our council permits and then it’s all systems go! In the meantime we are working closely with a number of tradesmen and local companies to help us make this new facility a reality. We are still on the look out for painters, carpenters and plumbers that would be able to donate some time, so if you or someone you know are able to help in any way we would love to hear from you!

Thanks again for your ongoing support and I look forward to updating you on what we have been up today in April in the next newsletter addition.

Until then, Marisa Debattista