Local Crooks


Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne based illustrator & graphic designer, Chelsea Vandenberg is a nu-metal lover, knickknack collector and the twisted mind behind Local Crooks, where she creates cute, quirky (and a little bit evil) one-of-a-kind pieces.

As a child, Chelsea loved doodling on everything and was always encouraged to draw. About a decade ago, she started experimenting with graffiti and wheat pasting and ta-da! Local Crooks was born. Chelsea uses a combination of spray paint, acrylic paint, and paint pens to create her pieces. The spray paint is for the base colour and the paint pens create all the intricate details. She has always liked the idea of transforming an object into something unique and all its own - which is why you’ll never see the design twice in her work.

Chelsea draws a lot of her inspiration from Japan and is so inspired she’s travelled there a total of three times! Everything about Japan for Chelsea is cute, colourful and has a character of its own. Add some horror and true crime to that mix, and you’ve got Chelsea’s style down pat.

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