8 Years


Border Collie X

Adoption Status:



Alice may look like your average rough-and-tumble working dog, but she actually has the temperament of a princess, enjoys a gentle life of leisure and hates getting her feet wet. Her usual genre of art centres around a more preformative style, with her opulent soprano vocals bringing to life, both sonically and physically, the narrative of her beautiful soul.

Alice has performed her work for audiences far and wide, and when she is not singing the song of her people, she enjoys heading out to networking brunches, sleeping by her humans’ feet and supporting charities. When asked if she would dip her delicate tootsies into the medium of paint for SCAR, Alice put aside her misgivings about her feet getting dirty and jumped at the chance to help.

The result is two paintings that represent Alice’s immense talent while also expressing her inner torment and utter angst at the thought of having her toe beans washed in the aftermath.