4 Years



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Archie grew up being told he was nothing but as a simpleton. They laughed at his rotund little body and his tiny, crooked teeth. Said a pug like him would never find beauty.

Archie took the pain that those words caused him and huffed and wheezed them onto canvas and to his surprise, what he was neither simple nor ugly – it was spectacular!

Influenced by those that would tell him he would never make it, this daring pug has gone on to create many moody, inspirational, and reflective pieces that critics around the park are describing as ‘ground-breaking’, ‘energetic’ and ‘full of Chutzpah’.

Archie now holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Pug Art from the Victorian College of the Pugs. He is currently working on a minimal, calming series of art inspired by the peace and love he has found since being adopted by his new family.