7 Years


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Best Mate of Doggo Celebrities, Darcy & Vindi


Once in a while, an artist comes along and delivers to the people, not just a painting, but a story, a personality, and a real quality and sense, of what it is to be a true Australian (dog).

Beau is a Melbourne based artist who has an attentive appreciation for the hidden beauty of the everyday that we take for granted. His work focuses on a myriad of mundane items — a half-chewed tennis ball, a stick, someone’s discarded sock – and yet manages to show them with a haunting beauty - think floating plastic bag in American Beauty vibes.

Beau makes no claim to understanding art, but knows that if he ‘does good’ he gets treats. This silent achiever is taking the art world by storm, with his work currently hanging in this room and on his mum’s fridge.