Grace & Shadow


5 Months


Bullmastiff X Rhodesian Ridgeback

Adoption Status:

Grace - Available For Adoption

Shadow - Adopted


Grace and her brother, Shadow, were born with creativity running through their blood and have always possessed the keen ability to see outside the square, creating art from the most unthinkable resources. Their passion was truly ignited when they found themselves sharing a shelter pen with very little painting supplies. Struck by inspiration, Grace and Shadow worked together with a very… unique medium… and decorated their pen each evening into a mural so awe-inspiring it left their carers gobsmacked each morning when they came into clean up.

These Craigieburn locals take inspiration from the world around them, turning their experiences into unforgettable and prestigious pieces. The two siblings share an almost telepathic ability to sense the other’s emotions and inspirations, making their process deeply profound. A principal theme in their work is of course food and treats, but they are also concerned with issues surrounding climate change. Grace and Shadow try to express both of these elements through their art.

While they now live separately, Grace and Shadow continue to collaborate creatively to make intrinsic pieces of paw print art. They have (thankfully) moved on to less controversial mediums, preferring the challenging mix of colours that children's non-toxic paint brings to their work.

“It provides the perfect reflection for the often-uncontrollable world around us.” – Grace

“It also smells a lot better.” - Shadow