6 Months


American Bulldog x

Adoption Status:



Leroy’s work explores the dichotomous relationship between his boisterous personality and his gentle soul. Whilst in our care here at SCAR, Leroy struggled with this relationship as people only seemed to see his lack of impulse control instead of his snuggly soft side. Overlooked and cast aside, it took some time for this sweet boy to find his loving home.

Leroy showcases this internal struggle to find his place in the world in every piece he creates. His playful passion is depicted in the impulsive, unrestrained swipes of his large paws, while hints of his softer side can be seen in the gentle, delicate taps of his toe beans dotted sporadically about the canvas.

Leroy’s work is a true reflection of the artist within - a complicated creature who just wants to be accepted as the pink loving, treat hogging, excitable boy that he is.