3 Years


Basenji X

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Shinto is world renowned for two things. Her take no-nonsense attitude and for being one of the most influential female dog artists of her time. Taking inspiration from artists such as Cindy Sherman, Shinto’s work is heavily influenced by the contemporary and feminist movements. Often referencing popular culture, her work explores complex and difficult themes of love, the feeling of betrayal when a ball is fake thrown and political oppression.

Shinto is perhaps most renowned for her controversial series grappling with the overpopulation amongst companion animals and the resulting need for urgent, affordable spay/neuter programs. However, behind Shinto’s tough, tomboy temperament, and need to have her prominent voice heard, is a dog who loves to play hard, lie in the sun, and then climb into the nearest lap for a cuddle.

The harsh concepts of Shinto’s art are created with soft, tentative strokes of her tiny feet, providing the perfect polarising insight into the world of Shinto. The dog that body slams other dogs out of the way and won’t hesitate to tell them off when they’re in her way, juxtaposed against the sweet natured, snuggly sweetheart, who cuddles as close as she physically can and who dances with pure ecstasy the second you scratch her butt. Her art is profoundly moving and provocative, and we are very excited to be in possession of two of Shinto’s newest works of art for this exhibition.