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To view the work of the notorious Squeak, is like experiencing the personality of the Ginger Dark Lord himself. Like the artist, Squeak’s work appears, at first, to be a beautifully bright and saccharine dream. Using all the colours of the rainbow, Squeak lures his viewers into a tempting fantasy and then, only once you’re standing right in front of the canvas, do you realise - you’ve actually stepped into a devilishly sweet nightmare.

Fans of the monstrous and the macabre will delight in the work of the notorious Squeak as they try to discern what it is about his paintings that has their flesh prickling and their heart beating with fear. Far from gory or gratuitous, his work is a contradiction of cute that both horrifies and mystifies the viewer and leaves them with an unsettling feeling of being watched from the darkness.

You can’t help but be riveted and captivated by the brilliantly crafted charm and astounding talent that this adorable furry devil is able to create within his work.