2.5 Years

Poodle X Terrier

Celebrity Doggo & Sidekick of Lara Shannon


Vindi’s earlier work has been described as an intense and deeply personal exploration of his own anxiety. His portfolio showcases a deep understanding of colour and spatial theory, using claustrophobic colours and depth of field to recreate Vindi’s inner artistic turmoil.

Throughout Vindi’s work, there is also a conflicting loudness and joy, which emulates the exuberant exterior acting as a guise for the many tempestuous emotions within.

Despite the darkness of his earlier career, Vindi’s more recent endeavours explore a playful love of food and play in a somewhat unorthodox style that is very Pro Hart-esk. Vindi's work is in a state of constant evolution as he searches for who he is as a canine.

Whilst his work can sometimes be deciphered as tumultuous and unmethodical, it is guaranteed to inspire and evoke feelings in even the most casual art lover.