1.5 Years



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With the bold and brainy personality of a Poodle and the derpy, playful side of a Labrador, Wally is either extremely well-behaved and sweet, or he’s off the rails, tongue-hanging-out, insane. There is no in between. As a SCAR Ambassadog, you may have recognised this Golden Goofball around our shelter (or at least heard him – he’s loud.)

Having only painted a few times when inspiration strikes (because despite being an absolute mess, he doesn’t really care for having dirty feet) we’re not even sure if Wally knows what his artwork is about to be honest. Does he even know that he created anything? Or was he just happy to be there? In the moment?

Wally finds his inspiration after an afternoon of excessive barking at birds (or nothing), and his most passionate endeavour: licking the inside of his mother’s ear first thing in the morning. Wally’s work centres around his deep need to be chased around the dog park by any and all dogs, whilst also reflecting a playful mix of the smart boy Wally could be, and the delightful and endearing idiot he is most of the time.

(Please note: This was lovingly written by his mother, who worships the ground he walks on)