Yvonne Bradford


Melbourne, Australia


Yvonne knew early on that art was in her blood, (her high school books were always full of sketches, much to the dismay of her teachers!), however, sadly she never followed this path until just over ten years ago. Once she started, however, her art journey began to flourish! Now a member of the Sunbury Art Society, Yvonne has gained the confidence to step outside her comfort zone and experiment with different methods and techniques.

For Yvonne, art is an escape into a world of imagination and passion.

Self-taught, Yvonne works exclusively in soft pastel, enjoying the way it blends to create striking and realistic effects with its many vibrant colours. The subjects of her work are nearly always something that mean something personal to Yvonne or to the person who commissioned it.  Currently, Yvonne’s passion is animals and birds, both domestic and wild. She enjoys showcasing their individual character on canvas - whether it is cheeky sparrows on a branch, or capturing the evil glare of a leopard, Yvonne gets great satisfaction in seeing the subject come to life.

Yvonne has been a large part of SCAR for a while now, having been helping out at the shelter as one of our amazing volunteers.

“Not-for-profit organisations like SCAR, rely on the generosity of the public for support. Contributing my artwork for their fund-raising events helps make a difference to the animals in need of love and a second chance and also gives me satisfaction that I have helped in a small way. The important thing for me is to continue painting and lovie the process it takes me through. If others like what they see too, then that’s an added bonus.” - Yvonne