Paws at Work

Looking to Generate More Happiness in the Office?

Even if you have a super conscientious work environment, chances are your employees have experienced a few ruff days here or there. The working day can be very stressful for everyone - trust us, we know! - and it can have lasting effects on your mental health. There are few things that have such an immediate positive effect on one's mental health like interacting with a snuggly puppy or a purring kitten! So, that's where the SCAR Paws At Work Program comes in!

We'll visit your workplace, along with a litter of playful pups or curious kittens that are busy growing in order to find their loving homes. They get some much-needed time away from the shelter and some early human socialisation with your employees, who are invited to come and enjoy as many puppy / kitten kisses and cuddles as they can handle!

Top Three Reasons to Include Paws at Work:

Help Reduce Stress:

Dogs and cats are frequently recognised as great stress-relievers. When you look into the eyes of a pet, suddenly your worries seem to melt away. Pets make people happier, less stressed and more productive.

Increased Camaraderie:

Pets are a great conversation starter, and common ground for coworkers to chat about and bond in ways they otherwise might not. Friendly interactions strengthen work relationships, and it’s fun to do something different, which leads to the perfect perk up.

You Will Be Helping Homeless Pets!

You will be giving the animals the one-on-one socialisation they need and attention they deserve. Plus, as SCAR receives no government funding, you and your team can feel good knowing your donation is helping provide animals in need with food, medical care, and shelter!

Invite some Paws to YOUR Work Today!

See your employee’s faces light up as they welcome our adorable rescued puppies and kittens to the office and get the chance to refresh their social media with pet selfies!

  • Visits are one hour in length and are strictly limited per litter for the wellbeing of the pups.
  • We can cater to a maximum of 40 people per visit divided into two groups of 20, (half an hour per session.)
  • Sessions are booked for a set donation, which goes towards rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming abandoned pets in need!
  • Please Note: As our puppies are rescues, we can't guarantee we will have some at the shelter on particular dates. Contact us if you are interested, and we can place your workplace on a waiting list.

For further information or to register your interest, click below to email our Opportunities Manager, Sarah and include:

  • Your name
  • Organisation name,
  • Approx. employees attending (if known)
  • Rough dates you are looking at (if known)

Sarah will liaise with you directly to either book you in, add you to our waiting list, or let you know when we have some new fluff balls to visit you and your colleagues!

We cannot wait to see you soon!

Contact us TODAY!