SCAR Pup-up Market & Open Day

A Day for The Animal Lovers & The Green Thumbs!

As always, it was a jam packed day for those that came along to our SCAR Pup-up Market & Open Day!

With the promise of 8 adorable puppies for adoption, there were people lined up to visit even before the gates had opened and our signs had finished being placed on the walls!

When 10am rolled around, the car park outside SCAR was filled with the smell of coffee thanks to B-ute Barista who came along to support us with their coffee ute! There were hundreds of luscious plants on offer and tables filled with SCAR merchandise thanks to our friends at PromoShop and other pet treats and goods on offer!

Our amazing volunteers wowed us again with their donations of wonderful items to sell - Amanda who runs Baked with Ruff brought down some delicious pet treats that were a hit

and Aline of Mimi Creations wowed us all once again with her stunning matching bows and scrunchies for pets and pawrents!

By far the highlight of the day however were all of our four-legged stars, and we're excited to say that out of eight of our little puppies on the day - six found their loving families and the other two won't be looking long - we're very sure! Three of our kitties also found their loving homes on the day as well! We hope all of our animals enjoy their second chances and would like to thank all the lovely people that came by to say hello, support SCAR and take part in the activities!

As always, thank you to the countless volunteers that gave their time yet again to make this day a success... we couldn't do it without you all!

If you missed out on this Open Day, don't worry!

Our next SCAR Open Day and Pup-Up event is happening on 16th April, so head over to our Events Page to check out all the details for this and all our other events!

Thank You to Our Wonderful Partners On The Day: