SCAR Boarding Cattery is Now Open!

Calling all cat owners!

Second Chance Animal Rescue are now offering affordable yet luxurious cat accommodation within our new Community Animal Hospital in Craigieburn, only 20 minutes from Melbourne International Airport, and easily accessible via the Hume Highway.

You can rest assured that your cat(s) will be pampered in our boarding cattery, with their very own spacious suites, and their every demand met by our skilled Cattery Crew who are industry experts and cat lovers! We provide daily enrichment, nutritious meals, great conversation, and all of the top classical hits playing on our radio to keep your kitty content.

Having our vet clinic on-site (and our vet on call after hours) can give you peace of mind that your cat will be in great hands during their stay, and medication can be safely administered by our trained professionals. 

The best part about our cattery is: all funds made from this service go straight back into our animal shelter – this means we can rescue and re-home even more cats!

Perhaps you’re planning to renovate, or wanting to take that bucket list trip to the Bahamas, or even if you just need kitty out of the house, we can provide a personalised experience for your cat and their needs. Whether your cat is crazy, confident, coy or cranky, we can't wait to get to know them! 

To enquire further about our services please call (03) 9357 0834 and press 3 to be directed to the boarding cattery, or email

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