Happy Home Tails


We thought you’d love to hear how Lily is doing in her new home. She’s settled in wonderfully and is always busy either playing or snoozing. She’s working on her climbing, mostly using mum or the curtains (to our horror) to hurl herself up as high as possible. Shes a confident and independent little girl but still looooves a good snuggle. This is her house now, we just pay the mortgage!
Thanks so much for pairing us with this cheeky angel. We’re so happy and we know she is too.


Magic has settled in perfectly at home with us! 
He is definitely a boy who LOVES his food and is definitely vocal when it approaches breakfast/dinner time. He sleeps on a condo we recently built for him while we’re away at work, and sleeps peacefully at the end of the bed at night with us. He has a burning desire for love and affection and we have no problem giving that to him .
Magic has settled in fantastically with us, and has made the perfect companion. We definitely hit the jackpot with him! 


We adopted Tofu (aka Snaggles) and he's gotten so much more comfortable with us, and we feel like his personality is shining now. He's very relaxed most of the time but he goes crazy for walks- as soon as we get his harness out he starts running around and whining, it's so funny to see him so energetic! 
Him and his brother Aladdin have grown so close, they sleep next to each other every night and wherever Tofu goes, Aladdin follows. All he wants is his belly rubbed, some treats, his daily walk, and he's so content! 


Barry is doing very well in his new home and he's enjoying bouncing around the yard at home! He loves meeting new people and greets everyone with a kiss and a tail wag.
Thank you for bringing him into our life, we couldn't be happier!


We just wanted to update you on our new adopted kitty, Lulu. She is settling in well after a little bit of time, was a little nervous at first but has really settled in well.
We just absolutely adore her! Thank you for bringing her into our lives.


Bilbo is just too adorable, he is extremely confident and he bolts back and forth down the hallways.

He is getting along with our two dogs and usually naps on my legs, windowsill or on the bed in the day. Thank you for bringing this gorgeous boy into our life.