Happy Home Tails


Three years ago while window shopping on your website I saw a kitten named Forrest with the most amazing markings, I decided then and there he was for me. Almost three years later & renamed Bruce he remains loyally by my side (expect for a couple of days when he got out & went adventuring). He has even recently learnt to use a scratching post and not the couch 🙂


We met our gorgeous dog Jessie at a S.C.A.R adoption day after they rescued her from a rural pound. We fell in love with Jessie at first sight and haven't looked back! Adopting her has been the most rewarding experience for my husband & I. I look at her and am so thankful to the S.C.A.R team, because if it wasn't for their amazing work, Jessie would not be here today. We have the most loyal and loving dog who makes us laugh with the silly things she does. Jessie now enjoys sheep herding classes, camping & taking over the couch!! Please “adopt don't shop!” Lots of love Rebecca, Larry & fur-brother Milo.


We adopted Jojo (formerly Mojo) in early 2015. Having three legs does not slow him down at all. He goes on many adventures, whether it is down to the dog park, visits to Imax (David’s workplace) & even trips to the shop to pick out a new treat/toy. Where ever we go Jo is always making new friends and getting lots of pats. We love our little boy and couldn't imagine life without him 🙂


This is Lexi whom we adopted almost 3 months ago. She's really come out of her shell and is loving life on our little hobby farm. Lexi has also discovered the beach and is such a water baby. We love this pretty lady very much.

Ben & Mabel

Ben & Mabel were both adopted from S.C.A.R. Ben, a mangy puppy rescued from a rural pound, & Mabel was rescued from a Melbourne pound after being found running the streets in a terrible way, she was absolutely petrified of humans. Both now happy & living life in their forever home thanks to S.C.A.R 🙂

Daphne & Niles

We adopted Daphne and Niles over 4 years ago. They are the most loving, joyful and wonderful furry babies anyone could wish to have in their life. They love to play with each other and are best buddies. They are our world.


We adopted Milly the kitten in January 2016 and she has settled into our family wonderfully! She has plenty of toys and gets plenty of cuddles ... she's even fallen in love with our dog Zara!

Humphrey & Claudia

Humphrey & Claudia were adopted from S.C.A.R in 2015 after they were both rescued from the pound. These siblings were absolutely terrified and took a while to settle in once rescued but after some time to relax their true colours showed and we were able to see how loving both cats were. They are now enjoying their second chance after being adopted together 🙂


How time flies, three years ago (2013) I bought Nevada (formerly Lucy) home. She was and still is one crazy girl. We've gone through tough times and great times together; she has eaten countless underpants and socks off the clothesline, and smashed her way through obedience school. She is very much part of the family and wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for such a beautiful and completely nuts girl who certainly found her forever home here. The first pic was her looking for a foster home, second was the day she first came home. The bottom two were taken in her new home after she settled in.

Sam Sam

Sam Sam the big and gentle giant has settled in beautiful. He has definitely found himself on the naughty list more than once but Santa is still coming lol. His older brother Jet is a happy pooch having a new brother and they are constantly side by side. Thank you for the chance to give this beautiful boy a second chance at life. I feel he is very happy with it!! Only had him 6 months but feels like he has always been part of the family!r 🙂


We adopted our darling lil' lady from S.C.A.R around 2012. She is a little diva but we love her dearly… she even calls us to bed when she is ready! Even though she is an indoor kitty she loves to go outside every now and again to watch the world go bye. And she loves cuddling us! Thanks S.C.A.R!!