The Pet Rescuers

Episode 1

A new day at Second Chance Animal Rescue brings a new arrival called 'Charlie' - an underweight kitten with an overabundance of cuteness. Vet nurse Caitlin steels herself to treat an abused poodle with a pitiful past. Click the image above to watch Episode 1 on 9NOW.

Episode 2

He may have the 'wonkiest walk in the hood' but will Homer's ultrasound reveal something more sinister lurking beneath? Marisa and trusty sidekick Megan kick into action to save two Labs with lots of life left to live. Click the image above to watch Episode 2 on 9NOW.

Episode 3

Gemma's Staffy Slab drops the 'F bomb' in the clinic and it's every woman for themselves. Just when Daisy thought her life was on the mend, she meets a sheepdog that's intent on killing her with kindness. Click the image above to watch Episode 3 on 9NOW.

Episode 4

Gemma holds her breath (and nose!) as Slab the Staffy goes under the knife. Two newly rehomed Labs dish out the love and the licks. And Marisa rescues a certain tomcat lacking in the limb department. Click the image above to watch Episode 4 on 9NOW.

Episode 5

Tilly the rescued poodle embraces her new forever home with zeal and zoomies; Charlie opens wide for the chastest chop of them all; Gabby steadies herself for the hardest handover ever (BYO tissues). Click the image above to watch Episode 5 on 9NOW.

Episode 6

Megan reveals the mono-eyed moggie that's stolen her heart and her home. Four rescued ragdolls create a cluster of cuteness. And Gabby's reunited with a former foster friend. Anyone for a Taco? Click the image above to watch Episode 6 on 9NOW.

Episode 7

A family's surrender of their beloved border collie causes a torrent of tears; an arrival from a train station proves the most unusual passenger ever. Click the image above to watch Episode 7 on 9NOW.

Episode 8

A mother surrenders the precious pooch who's helped her through her darkest days; Wandi, the world-famous dingo, drops in to see the starstruck Marisa; school's in session with Lara's inaugural class of canines. Click the image above to watch Episode 8 on 9NOW.

Episode 9

Marisa and Megan get their 'lady tradie' on to work some much-needed mechanical magic. Will Heidi's show-stopping performance be enough to impress her adoptive audience of one? Click the image above to watch Episode 9 on 9NOW.

Episode 10

Bella the rescue Ragdoll finds her fate in familiar hands. Marisa gets a visit from a fluffy, feline from Second Chance's past. Click the image above to watch Episode 10 on 9NOW.

A new homegrown TV series brings the warm and furries to Saturday afternoons on Nine

Now airing on Channel 9, Tuesdays at 1PM AEST, The Pet Rescuers offers a perfectly timed boost to flagging morale. This 10-part doco series promises to melt hearts, raise spirits and restore faith in humanity as it follows the daily adventures of a team on a mission to give abandoned pets a second chance at a happy life.

“Each year in Australia, a quarter of a million dogs and cats are put down, due to overcrowded pounds and shelters”, says Marisa Debattista, who leads the team at Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAR) in Melbourne. “It’s a tragic cycle that we’re determined to end.”

While The Pet Rescuers title may seem to refer to the humans in the story, SCAR member Megan insists it could be read another way. “I think animals are much more resilient than we are,” she explains. “As long as they’re loved, as long as there’s food, animals bounce back so quickly. They teach us so much about survival, sometimes it feels as though they are actually rescuing us.”

The Pet Rescuers now airs on Channel 9, Tuesdays at 1PM AEST.


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