If only we lived in an ideal world where every aspect of our lives ran smoothly and resulted in a positive outcome. This is, however, unrealistic, and the truth of the matter is that sometimes things go wrong.

Sometimes we need to take some responsibility for what happens but other times it is just plain out of our hands. Pet owners who experience changing or unforeseen circumstances need somewhere to turn to if their pets no longer fit in with future plans and need to find them a new family.

There are many reasons why someone may need to surrender a pet and every case has its own set of peculiarities. Regardless of your circumstances, please explore all of the possibilities before you resort to giving your pet away. For example; there may be someone in your extended family that is interested in taking them on. In some cases behavioural issues will make it impossible for Second Chance Animal Rescue to re-home some animals. Often the reasons they are relinquished are the same reasons that we can’t look at rehoming them. Reoccurring escapism, anti-social behaviour, severe aggression and anxiety are some of the common problems and are very hard for your average family to deal with.

Second Chance is a not­-for-­profit rescue organisation that will always do our best to help an animal in need of our care; if we can not help by taking your pet into our care we will give you a number of different suggestions that may assist you in your quest to re-home your pet safely. It is a common misconception that we recover our costs by charging an adoption fee, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We ask for a donation from everyone who finds themselves in need of surrendering an animal to us. Please understand that there are more than just the veterinary costs involved in rehoming a cat or a dog. Second Chance Animal Rescue takes pride in the lengths we are prepared to go to ensure that each individual animal gets the best possible chance of finding a new and forever home. Many hours are put into not only the temperament assessment and required rehabilitation that is necessary, but also the suitable matching of prospective adoptive families.

New laws on pets and renting came into effect on 2 March 2020. Tenants must now request their landlord’s consent to bring a new pet into the property. Landlords must not unreasonably refuse and must take their case to VCAT if they are wanting to refuse. It does not matter when your lease started. For more information visit the Consumer Affairs Website.


Please fill out the Animal Surrender Form with as much information as possible. Our shelter team will be in touch as soon as they can with more information. Please note that you can travel more than 5 km from home to surrender an animal *if* circumstances are dire, but you are best to contact shelters closer to home first.