Our Mission

Vision for the Future

Over the past several years, Second Chance Animal Rescue Inc. (SCAR) has embarked on a journey to evaluate the needs of animals (and their owners) in our community, to identify barriers and find innovative ways to deal with the grass root problems that see companion animals being abandoned.

All of this planning was undertaken in order to chart a new course for SCAR’s future, one where we can make an even greater difference.

Along this path we asked many fundamental questions: Why is SCAR here; What are our core values, What is our vision for the future and how are we going to achieve it?

We have analysed research and sought the expertise from our passionate and talented staff, other industry professionals, our committed volunteers, supporters, and our community.

From these learnings, we set out to create a future vision not only for our organisation, but also for the pets in our community whose lives we seek to improve every day.

What has come out of this planning are new aspirations for our mission, values, guiding principles, and our vision for the future. To achieve these ideals we have developed strategic goals for the next five years which we will continue to reflect on and strive for.

Since 2008, SCAR has responded to the needs of animals and has worked hard to create a safer and more compassionate community for both animals and people. It is our hope that this new framework will help to guide SCAR and allow us to achieve even greater impact for animals in need well into the future.






Our Mission

“Engaging the hearts, hands and minds of our community to stop the cycle of animal abandonment.”

We aim to create a positive, cohesive community where animal owners are supported with accessible resources and able to care for their pets without fear of financial hardship.



Our Vision

“Animals are safe and healthy in the homes where they live and not in shelters due to preventable barriers.”

We aim to strengthen the human-animal bond and confront animal abandonment at its root causes. Through innovative programs, accessible services, community education and public advocacy, we will be a community resource hub for pet owners and an unwavering champion for animals who need us most.

Our focus is to keep community pets with the families that love them by offering preventative pet retention programs which work to avoid pets from needing assistance in the first place. This is done via services in our Community Animal Hospital, Animal Shelter, Behaviour training department and via our many Outreach programs.

We will align our resources to support this vision through a coordination of existing programs and the development of vital, human and animal based services.

The impact of our work will be seen in the lives of animals most in need across Victoria, with the greatest effect in our primary service areas of Melbourne.

In turn, the SCAR team will collaborate with community groups and other animal welfare organisations to leverage even greater impact and positive outcomes for the animals in our community.

Our Core Values

We show compassion and respect and treat all animals and people with kindness and empathy, no matter their situation.

We demonstrate teamwork and leadership, collaborating to achieve greater results for animals and their people.

We promote honesty and integrity, we have the courage to do what is right and are accountable for our actions.

Our Guiding Principles

We believe that an animal’s welfare should be considered in terms of “Five Freedoms.”

The freedoms guide our approach to animal welfare.

  1. Freedom from Hunger and Thirst
  2. Freedom from Discomfort
  3. Freedom from Pain, Injury, or Disease
  4. Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour
  5. Freedom from Fear and Distress

Our Strategic Goals

In order to see our vision become a reality, SCAR’s main areas of focus for the next 5 years are:

  • Prevent animal abandonment by offering accessible veterinary care to all pets, with a large focus on desexing procedures.
  • Promote and improve our pet retention programs targeted towards those animals and people that need it most.
  • Collaborate with like-minded community partners who we can work with to help achieve our mission.
  • Grow our volunteer and foster care team and attract and retain a well-trained, committed staff to support program growth and strategic goals.
  • Increase financial sustainability to achieve an even greater impact for animals in need.

See our complete 5 year Strategic Plan.


Check out our Annual Reports


Please help us achieve our mission of keeping animals safe and healthy in their homes and out of pounds and shelters by lending your support.