2 Years


Australian Cattle Dog / Boxer

Adoption Status:

Available For Adoption


Soda spilled into the art scene by accident, having never thought about art in his life. However, the second his paws hit the paint, he was overcome with a sensation he’d never felt before. And as he continued to run excitedly over the canvas, for the first time ever, he found himself listening not to his head, but to his heart. He’s never stopped listening…

Soda has become, not only a fantastic artist, but also a fascinating storyteller. His works depict fantastical worlds made of treats and kibble, mystical creatures who run through endless fields of grass in pursuit of tennis balls, and a never-ending stream of hands always ready to pat.

“Look at my artwork. Sit. Stay. And truly listen to the story within. Only then will you know what it is to Dog.” - Soda