Barney Dog Harness


Training a puppy or dog to walk nicely on a lead is not easy at the best of times but this difficult job can be made easier with the right equipment.

Front connection harnesses are becoming increasingly popular as they not only take the pressure away from the neck which avoids choking and neck injuries but they actually allow you to turn the dog giving you a lot more control.

The Barney Harness has the following features:

  • Made from a strong nylon webbing with a reflective strip down it
  • The body of the harnesses come in a few colours and the chest strap is in black making it easier to fit correctly.
  • The side rings and chest strap sit higher than some of the other front connection harnesses on the market making them fit better and reducing any restriction to movement.
  • A Front Connection ring – when your dog’s lead is attached to the front connection it will give you more control allowing you to turn your dog when needed.
  • A Back Connection ring – for when you want to give your dog more freedom
  • Easy to fit and put on and take off
  • Dogs feel comfortable in the harness straight away and an acclimation period is not required
  • Non Constriction chest strap to allow free movement
  • Good for shy, nervous or fearful dogs
  • Helps you train your dog in a positive way
  • Improves communication between you and your dog

The Barney Harness by Puppingtons allows you to keep your dog safe, happy and comfortable!


  • Small to fit girth size 20″ – 24.5″ (top webbing is 25mm wide, chest and tummy webbing is 15mm wide)
  • Medium to fit girth size 24″ – 28″ – (The complete harness is made with 25mm webbing)
  • Medium Large to fit girth size 27″ – 32.5″ (The complete harness is made with 25mm webbing)
  • Large to fit girth size 32″ – 40″ (The complete harness is made with 25mm webbing)

For a strong and durable lead option to connect to your Barney Front & Back Connection Harness, also check out our Barney leads with neoprene padded handles!

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