Poopy Litter Box


FEELING POOPY about someone?

  • Is your boss making you work overtime?
  • Is your ex a piece of poop?
  • A neighbour playing music too loud?
  • A colleague stealing your lunch from the office fridge?
  • Or is there just someone in your life that just gives you the sh#ts?

Let our shelter cats cheer you up!

See your own Sh#itlist get what’s coming to them courtesy of our team of Feline Faecal Fiends! Here’s how:

  • For just $10, we’ll write 1 chosen name inside a litter box and let our adoptable cats… well… do what cats do!
  • Have a long list of names you’d like to see get pooped on? Purchase an entire box for $30, and we can add up to 5 names in a personalised tray for you! (First names only, please – we don’t want to get too catty!)

To order:

  • Select whether you want our cats to poop on one victim or 10 via the drop-down below
  • Add their names in the Order Notes Section at Check Out
  • Submit and wait for our kitties to, ah, get down to business!
  • We’ll send you proof when the deed is done!

Last time we ran this fundraiser, we had orders from ALL OVER THE GLOBE, in countries such as Japan, Norway, Italy, Africa, Canada and multiple states in America!

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