Foster Care Agreement

1. I understand that the animal/s in my care remain the property of Second Chance Animal Rescue Inc (SCAR) and can be removed from my home at any time, at the discretion of SCAR.

2. I agree that the animal/s in my care will stay in my care, on my property for the entirety of the foster period and if I am unable to continue caring for them at any time, I will return the animal/s to the SCAR shelter.

3. I will notify SCAR immediately of any change to the contact details recorded in my application.

4. I agree to care for the animal/s allocated as a SCAR Foster Carer until they are permanently rehomed or returned to SCAR.

5. When I receive the animal/s I agree to accept them in their current health condition. I understand that due to the nature of an animal shelter, they could have been exposed to illness prior to surrender or whilst at SCAR and may therefore be incubating an illness that is not yet apparent. If I have any concerns about the health or behaviour of my foster animal/s, I will contact my SCAR Foster Care Coordinator immediately.

6. I agree to accept responsibility for the behaviour of the animal/s allocated to my care and understand that while SCAR has advised me of all known behavioural issues or concerns prior to accepting the animal, unwanted or problematic behaviours may become apparent while the animal is in care. I agree to manage these behaviours in accordance with SCAR policies regarding training and management of foster animals, and will contact SCAR immediately if the animal/s displays any severe or dangerous behaviours while in foster care


Expected Care & Conditions For Foster Animals

7. I agree to always keep my foster cat/s securely contained within my house or property. I will, under no circumstances, allow my foster cat/s to go outside, unless in a fully enclosed cat run which has had prior approval to be used by the SCAR Foster Care Coordinator.

8. I agree that my foster cat/s is to be transported in a secure cat carrier.

9. I agree to always keep my foster dog/s on lead when outside of my property. I will, under no circumstances, allow my foster dog/s to go outside off-lead even in an off-lead dog park.

10. I agree that when transporting my foster dog/s they must be restrained by an approved car harness or in a secure carrier when transported in a vehicle. 

11. I agree to always maintain my foster animal/s environment in a clean and hygienic state.

12. I agree to provide my foster animal/s with food, water, shelter and care to ensure they are physically and mentally healthy and happy.

13. If I have concerns about any aspect of my foster animal’s health or behaviour, I agree to raise these with the SCAR Foster Care Coordinator as soon as possible.

14. I agree that I will not take on any additional foster animals into my care from another organisation while I am caring for SCAR animals without first discussing with the SCAR’s Foster Care Coordinator.

15. I confirm that information I have provided to SCAR about the property on which the animal/s are to be housed and my ability to maintain the animal/s health is true and not misleading in any way.

16. I understand that SCAR may before or during the fostering period inspect the property in which the animal/s are housed to ensure the animal’s safety and security, and that as a result of this inspection, I may be requested by SCAR to return the animal/s. I agree to return the animal/s if requested and to do so at a mutually convenient time.

17. I agree to continue any medical treatment for the animal/s, as instructed by SCAR.

18. I agree that I will attend all appointments made with the SCAR Community Hospital for my foster animal, either for a consult, surgery or routine prevention such as vaccination/worming and flea prevention. I understand that if I do not attend a scheduled appointment or reschedule my appointment beforehand, this can put financial pressure on SCAR and may impact on the health and wellbeing of my foster animal.

19. I understand that if my foster animal/s needs to see a vet I will contact the SCAR Community Animal Hospital to make an appointment. In the event of an after-hours medical emergency, I agree to call the SCAR Foster Coordinator.

20. I agree to only feed my foster animal/s the food and treats supplied to me by SCAR, unless under the direct instruction of the SCAR Foster Care Coordinator or the SCAR Hospital team. I understand that feeding other foods could cause illness in my foster animal/s and will always consult the Foster Care Coordinator should I have any serious concerns regarding my foster animal/s eating habits.


Costs of Care

21. I understand that all day-to-day costs associated with the care of the animal/s is covered by SCAR, but any assistance I provide in this area is greatly appreciated.

22. I understand that should I take the animal/s to any vet other than the SCAR Community Animal Hospital without prior approval from SCAR, I will be held liable for all costs involved.

23. I understand that SCAR cannot be held responsible for any injuries and/or damage to property incurred due to my activities as a foster carer. This includes damage to my home, my person, possessions and other animals, as well as any other person or person’s home or possessions.

24. I indemnify SCAR and its staff for any liability, costs or expenses that arise because of my actions or omissions (including negligence) of the animal’s condition, health and behaviour, and acknowledge that I am responsible (not SCAR) for the animal’s behaviour and health whilst in my care. 


Regular Contact

25. I agree to make regular (at least fortnightly) written contact with the SCAR Foster Care Coordinator to provide an update on the wellbeing, behaviour and adoption requirements of the animal/s in my care. I understand that if I do not pass on this information in a timely manner, I am delaying my Foster's successful adoption.

26. I agree to contact the SCAR Foster Care Coordinator immediately if the foster animal/s in my care becomes sick, injured or lost.

27. I agree that in the unlikely event that my foster animal/s escapes and goes missing, it is my responsibility to do everything possible to find the animal/s and I must immediately contact SCAR’s Foster Care Coordinator the moment I realise the animal is missing. If the animal is impounded by the local council as a wandering animal, I agree that I am responsible for the costs associated with retrieving the animal from the pound.


Adoption Inquiries

28. I understand that should SCAR receive an inquiry about the animal/s in my care, I will be contacted by the Foster Care Coordinator and be asked to bring my foster animal to the shelter at a mutually convenient time. 

29. I agree to make the animal/s available for an adoption meeting at the very earliest mutually agreeable time. I understand that most adoption meetings occur at the shelter.30

30. I agree to actively participate in the adoption meet, if required, by:

a. Providing SCAR with relevant information about the animal’s temperament and health to enable adoption matching using accurate information about the animal/s in my care.

b. Providing photos and a suitable adoption profile for all animals in my care when they are ready for adoption or requested by the SCAR team.

c. Informing any interested people that I meet about the SCAR adoption process if they express interest in my foster animal/s. 

d. Not allowing any adopter to take an animal, or promising or in any way confirming an adoption with an interested party without first having them discuss the adoption with the SCAR team and completing the adoption process with the SCAR Pathways Coordinator.

e. Understanding that should I wish to adopt the animal/s in my care, I am subject to the same conditions as any adopter. It will be at the discretion of SCAR to decide if my home is an appropriate match for the animal, in line with existing policies and procedures for adoptions with SCAR. I realise that until the adoption has been officially finalised, the animal/s remains the property of SCAR.


Return of Animal/s

I agree to return the animal/s to SCAR unconditionally upon request of a SCAR team member, and understand that the animal always remains the property of SCAR.If during the fostering period I feel the animal/s are unsuitable for my household for any reason, I will contact the Foster Care Coordinator to arrange a mutually convenient time to return them to SCAR, or participate in the process of transferring the animal to another carer under the direction of the SCAR FCC.