Banksia Gardens: Visiting Our Community, & Meeting People Where They Are

Supporting real people with vital resources, so they can continue caring for the pets they love, and sharing with them what they need when they need it. Every community has them. A series of nondescript buildings sprinkled throughout…

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Breaking the stigma: Homeless people and pets

Marisa Debattista CEO/ Founder Pet owners who are experiencing homelessness deserve our compassion, support, and our assistance to access resources, not our judgement! In our line of work, we are not only faced with assisting unwanted companion animals…

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Celebrating 14 Years Of SCAR

“Working as at Vet Nurse and volunteering at my local animal shelter, I saw firsthand just how many animals and their owners needed help and how little resources were available at the time to help them. It needed…

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A closeup shot of a cat hiding behind a cat tower
Why You Should Adopt A Shy Cat

It’s the same old story. A family heads into the shelter to pick their future kitty to take home and join their pack. On the windowsill as they approach the Kitten Room, a cute little kitty meows at…

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When Diesel met Lulu

When we first met young Great Dane x Mastiff Mix Diesel at the pound he was terrified, and it was clear that he was very unsure of his surroundings. We knew that we had to do something to…

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