Christmas Appeal

This Christmas please help us rescue, rehabilitate and find loving families for homeless pets.

Too often we find boxes of abandoned kittens left on our doorstep or rescue dogs from other pounds and shelters due to be put to sleep or rescued from unspeakable cruelty.


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Cats and dogs that find themselves without a home deserve a second chance and we are here to ensure that they get one. We are an Animal Shelter in Melbourne committed to facilitating the successful matching of families with their new best friend, making sure that they become a valued addition to their lives, for the rest of their lives.


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Who we are

SCAR is a Pro-Life pet rescue charity that operates with the help of foster carers and volunteers to rescue and rehome dogs and cats that need a “second chance”. We provide dog training, cat and dog adoption, cat boarding and veterinary services to the Melbourne community.


Dog Treat Box from The Saltiest Dog





Treat your dog right, whilst helping other doggos in need who aren’t as lucky as yours!


Community Animal Hospital

The SCAR Animal Hospital in Melbourne will help keep pets in homes by ensuring that any pet owner can afford to get medical care that is less expensive than other veterinary hospitals. By keeping costs affordable, we reduce pet surrender, shelter relinquishment and achieve our mission of reducing pet homelessness.