Shiloh gets back on her feet

Sweet Shiloh the German Shepherd was only 16-months-old when she was surrendered to SCAR after her owners could no longer care for her. She'd barely even settled in with us and already we could see just how lovely Shiloh was.

"A real people-pleaser," is how our team described the sweet pup as they got to know her. "Shiloh loves nothing more than to follow people around, eager to be a part of everything that’s going on in their day. Her favourite thing to do is curl up on the couch for a good cuddle session and just soak up the love."

However, for this happy pup, things were about to take a turn. In her foster home, her carers began to notice that Shiloh was not able to run around and play without whimpering and she was having trouble standing up from a lying position.

Shiloh was brought in for a check-up with our team in the SCAR Community Animal Hospital, where our vets quickly discovered that her two front elbows seemed to be the cause of her very intense pain. X-rays were taken, but something wasn’t quite right in Shiloh's results.

Our vet sent the images over to an orthopaedic specialist who confirmed that Shiloh was suffering from Osteoarthritis in both of her front elbows and would require immediate surgical intervention to ease her discomfort.

Seeking specialist treatments like this does not come cheap, and Shiloh's surgery was set to cost just over $3,000. At SCAR, we treat every animal that comes into our care - no matter their circumstances - as if they were our own and will always go the extra mile to save an animal in need and ensure they have the best quality of life. As an organisation that doesn’t receive any ongoing government funding, we rely on members of our community to help fund these lifesaving procedures.

Thanks to your incredible generosity, after our first introduction to Shiloh and her situation, we had raised over $1,600 to help this young pup get back on her feet. As we got closer to Shiloh's surgery date, you stepped up once more to offer your life-saving support to this pup in need and thanks to those efforts, Shiloh was able to head into surgery only a few weeks later, with the costs of her surgery almost completely funded! We cannot thank you enough for this!!

With lots of love, patience and plenty of rehab, we have no doubt that Shiloh will make a full recovery and be back to her cuddly, sweet and playful self in no time! Thank you to the wonderful team at Mobile Surgical Solutions who performed Shiloh’s procedure and our dedicated nurses in the SCAR Community Animal Hospital who took such good care of her during her recovery. Shiloh is currently recovering well in her foster home where she is getting plenty of cuddles and treats (and some good pain relief) to make her feel comfortable while she recovers from this big procedure.
We send our thanks to everyone who read and shared Shiloh’s story and those that donated towards the costs of her specialist surgery. As always, we are so grateful for the support from our community for coming through for animals like Shiloh and helping us to give them the second chance that they truly deserve!

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