A special promise to find Wesley a loving home

Every day, multiple people contact us in need of desperate need of assistance to care for their pets. We hear countless harrowing stories from distressed pet owners facing financial hardship, who have found themselves without a home or who are fleeing situations of domestic & family violence & other crises. We will always be there for the people & their pets in our community who need us most, just like Wesley & his owner...

Three years ago, this 7-year-old, golden lab lived with his loving family as the cherished service dog for the ill wife of a loving husband. Sadly, the woman's condition worsened & she passed away, leaving Wesley & his male owner devastated. Without any other family or support network, he & Wesley became each other's lifeline. Together, they somehow got through those difficult years of grief.

It was in mid-April when the man contacted SCAR. Through tears, he told us that he needed to find a new home for Wesley as soon as possible, as he was terminally ill & did not have long left. When faced with the end of his life, Wesley's owner's thoughts were only of his dog. All we could do was reassure him that we would do whatever was needed to ensure that his dog would find a home just as loving as the one he came from.

The next day, our Vet, Dr. Paige, & Liam, our Senior Animal Trainer, drove out to the man's house to collect Wesley as his owner was too unwell to travel. It was incredibly emotional & a tough farewell for all, but as soon as Wesley arrived at SCAR, we began our work to make good on the promise to his owner to find this special boy a loving home.

Within a few weeks of being in our care, we were able to fulfil his owner’s dying wish When Alison & her family met Wesley, they immediately knew he was their dog, & Wesley fit in as though he'd always been there. He spends his days rolling in the grass, going on adventures with his new human siblings, & completely hogging the couch for a peaceful snooze. Wesley is never without cuddles, never without someone by his side, & he is so loved.

We had offered to send Wesley's owner an update when he found his loving home, but the man said it would be far too hard. He just wanted to know that Wesley would be taken care of somewhere safe & that we would help him find a family that loved him as much as he did. We hope he knows that we kept our promise, & he can finally be at peace.

The number of calls we take from people like Wesley's owner - faced with unimaginable circumstances & desperate for assistance to care for their beloved pets – is growing every week. As a result, the need for our services at SCAR has doubled. We're doing everything we can to make a difference & offer hope & relief to people during challenging times. We always do everything we can to help animals in need, but to make the most significant difference & really change their lives - we need you!

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