Boarding Cattery Conditions

* Spacious, walk-in style enclosures with larger enclosure upgrades available
* Open 7 days a week
* Inspections always welcome!

You can feel 100% confident that your feline friend is in the best of hands while you are away when they are a guest in the Second Chance Cattery! Our trained and passionate staff care for all of our feline guests like they do their own cats and each cat is given lots of cuddles and attention on a daily basis. We offer larger enclosures for multiple cats from the same family (if required) or for upgrades for cats that like more space to romp around. We also have our very own Community Animal Hospital onsite (just in case) to give you full confidence that your cat will be well cared for while you are away.

Our cattery is conveniently located in Craigieburn, only 20 mins from Melbourne International Airport and is easily accessible via the Hume HWY.

While in our care all guests receive the following services daily, at no extra cost:

-Laundry service: clean bedding, room cleans and fresh litter changes,
-Regular health monitoring by our trained staff,
-Room service: nutritious meals fed morning and evening,
-Lots of cuddles, pats and daily conversations,
-Movie time daily: we alternate our daily movie choices between classics such as The Lion King, Puss in Boots and Stuart Little,
-Relaxing music playing throughout the cattery to create a calm and stress free environment.
- We also use FELIWAY cat pheromone spray throughout our cattery to comfort and reassure our feline guests while in our care.
- Cat beds and hidey-holes are used in our enclosures and are positioned high above floor level so that our guests feel safe and secure and they can judge us from the safety of their higher perches!

Vaccinations and Flea/Worming
All cats boarding with us must be up to date with their annual F3 vaccination and a certificate of vaccination is required to secure the booking. Also, please ensure your feline friend is also up to date with flea and worming treatments. If your cat is noticed to have signs of a flea or worm burden while in our cattery it will be treated while in our care at the owner’s expense.

In our cattery we offer Hills Science Diet dry food (adult and kitten variety) at no extra charge so that we can ensure that all cats boarding with us receive a balanced and nutritious diet. If your cat requires a special diet you are welcome to bring this along when boarding your cat. We do not provide discounts if you provide your own food.

If your pet has an on-going medical condition, we can administer medications such as tablets, eye drops, creams or supplements for an additional $2 per dosage. Please ensure that you supply all the medication needed for the duration of your pet’s stay and it is clearly marked. It is recommended you bring a few extra just in case you are delayed.

Additional veterinary care
As we have our very own animal hospital on site any cats that require addition veterinary care can be seen to as soon as needed in the case that they become unwell while in our care. Any veterinary costs occurred while boarding with us will be an additional cost at the time of discharge.

Additionally, if your cat requires any additional preventative veterinary care (such as follow up vaccinations, worm/ flea prevention, nail trims, grooming, microchipping, dental procedures or any other type of veterinary care) this can be organised at the time of booking and our caring veterinary team will take care of your pet’s health needs.

Preparing for your cat’s stay

To ensure that things run as smoothly as possible we suggest having the following ready at the time of your cat’s check in:

  • Prepare your cat’s suitcase (items such as favourite toys, special diet (if any), a towel or a small item of your clothing from home as familiar smells are comforting in a new environment. Also ensure that all items you bring are labelled to ensure they do not get mixed up with other guest’s belongings.
  • Have your cat’s current vaccination certificate ready to bring in as proof that your cat has been vaccinated in the last 12 months. For the admission of cats under the age of 12 months, evidence of an initial shot and subsequent 2 boosters must be presented. NB. Failure to provide documentation outlined may result in the animal being turned away.
  • A list of any of your cat’s habits that we should know. Habits such as dietary requirements, any medication needs your vet and emergency contact details and anything else that you think we should know to ensure that your feline friend has a comfortable stay while with us.
  • Please ensure that your cat arrives in a secure carry cage that has been labelled with your name on it to so it doesn’t get mixed up.