November in Review

This month marked the start of a new chapter for SCAR with our new shelter vet room and 5 year strategic plan being launched. I am confident that these new ventures are the starting point of many good things that are to come.

Financially, we may not see any return on the vet room initially as bills need to be paid and processes still perfected, however this clinic will mean that SCAR will finally have a sustainable income source that will insure our future in animal welfare. Next year our veterinary plans will move into stage two with the fundraising team focusing their sights on our future community veterinary clinic in Hume which will provide pet owners affordable veterinary assistance for their four legged friends. Our busy first day of surgery at the shelter clinic had 4 kitten spays, 1 greyhound spay, 1 kitten castrate and 2 consults. All animals made it through surgery extremely well.

On behalf of all the animals that will share in the benefit of this new facility we say Thank You!

Next month SCAR will be focusing a lot of our efforts on a volunteer drive in the hopes that we will be able to add another 50 to 100 foster carers and volunteers to our team. The more volunteers we have means the more animals we can save and the stronger community presence we have. In the meantime, we will continue to give the best care we can to the animals that we currently have and help as many as possible that require assistance.

Statistics for November: 68 animals taken in, 10 of which are pregnant cats, and we found 74 animals new homes. A massive effort!

Until next month,Marisa.